“Nayan- Ek Kiran Asha Ki”

Our Golden Bird has 2 facets. One is very soothing, luxurious, alluring whereas the other part is immensely horrifying, terrible, disturbing. Most of the people are only aware and feel connected with the alluring side of our nation. But what about those people and those section of our society for whom we are still heedless. These people are unaware what life is all about. They are those who do not have the basic facilities to survive life/ food / shelter /health.

Our urban India has good facilities like qualified doctors, quality medicines, 24 hours availability etc. But in rural India we lack adequate primary health facilities. 66 % of rural population do not have access to critical medicines.

The question is “How, when & where will they find the solution to their problems?”

Sun Eye Hospital came up with a solution..

Nayan Ek Kiran Asha Ki was a dream project of Dr. Sudhir Srivastava which came into existence on 11 September 2014. It is a Mobile Eye Clinic solely designed to medically examine patients. It provides basic quality medical facilities to the people who cannot afford it. Nayan covers aprox 80 km radius around Lucknow. It screens patient’s eye and provide them free and quality medication.

Our target was to cover maximum villages in 6 months and till now we have covered around 400 villages & screened 10000+ patients.

Nayan Expenses:

Travelling expenses such as staff, vehicle, maintenance, petrol. For the patients we provide free medication and surgeries at a nominal cost (Rs. 4000/- per surgery).

Apka Ek Kadam Bhar Sakta Hai Inke Jeevan Me Roshini!!

Nayan Vision- Sun Eye Hospital looks forward to eradicate eye problems from the society. Our vision is healthy India.

Nayan Mission- Our mission is to cover 1000+ villages in Lucknow and outskirts, to provide quality service to the underprivileged and help them retain and regain their vision.

Nayan Features:

  • Fully equipped Mobile Eye Clinic
  • Complete eye checkup facilities available
  • Free Medications for all the patients
  • Surgeries (if Required) at minimal cost


  • Eradicate blindness and eye problem
  • Give them quality life and upgrade their living standard in every possible way.
  • Educate people about the importance of healthy & hygienic life.


  • Doctors (M.S)
  • Van co-coordinators
  • CSR coordinators
  • Head office coordinators & Drivers

As a service oriented institution started with noble objective of reaching out quality eye care to the poor and needy, Sun Eye Hospital treats 60% of its patients free of cost. Under these screening programs, patients found needing treatment are transported to the base hospital, given treatment along with medications and surgery which all is free of cost or at nominal cost.

Major expenses:

  • A driver on a salary of Rs. 8,000/-
  • An optometrist on a salary of Rs. 15000/-
  • Currently we are providing sample medicines to the patients but in near future we’ll have to purchase it.
  • Running expenses like diesel, food, and vehicle maintenance costs around Rs. 1500/- per visit.
  • Average surgery cost is Rs. 4000/-